When Good Intention Is Not Enough, Nigerians Take Extra Caution


The Lord Says To Nigerians, There Is No Cause For Alarm.

Because The Perfect Wind Of Re-Organization Will Blow Very Soon.

I like President Mohammodu Buhari as a person, but that is not enough for me not to carry out my assignment.

In 2015 The Lord asked me to warn president Buhari, before the election that he will not survive the deception he wanted to enter into, but he neglected it. Did the warning get to him? Don’t worry yourself about that.

• The Lord says I should tell you if you fear him, and you have a love of your nation in mind, you’re in the wrong group.

Now that it is obvious that Buhari/Osibajo have exposed their invisible corruption and lies to everyone,

I will not be intimidated to says God’s mind again when it’s obvious that my nation is failing and the future generation is been destroyed.

For someone to say president Buhari and Oshibajo are free of corruption is a fallacy! It’s because poverty has destroyed many people inner conscience.

As at this morning in Nigeria, all politicians are corrupt by virtue of their set up. And the Religious leaders are their partner in crime.

99.9 percent of our religious leaders in Nigeria are incredibly corrupt, especially the influential ones among them.

There is no such thing as righteous and you’re extremely rich in Nigeria until this morning October 16, 2016.

Remnants Congratulations!!!



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